How to Decorate the Scoreboard Area

There’s nothing wrong with leaving our scoreboard area as is on your wedding day.  There are so many interesting, inexpensive, and innovative options, we thought we might give you a few ideas on how to liven up this space.

Photograph: Shoop’s Photography

The most budget-friendly option is to use the scoreboard to exhibit personal photos. A gallery of images of  yourselves, friends, family, travels, and past weddings of your loved ones can activate a space, and make it interactive as your guests mingle and view the photos. In essence, your walls become a conversation starter.

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

Shadelle and JR used a portion of the scoreboard to post some cute, wedding focused signage.  Letters and signs are easily found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or even on Etsy. If you are the DIY type, which Shadelle and JR were, you can easily find some old frames, paint them and have someone with beautiful penmanship paint on a saying. The best thing about this? Not only is it budget friendly, but can be re-purposed at your home in a beautiful gallery wall including pictures from your wedding day!

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

I love how Shadelle and JR incorporated a fun photograph along with their wedding hashtag. This is an easy  way  to communicate to guests your hashtag. This way they will know when posting their pictures of your wedding to social media – typically your friends will have some candid shots no one else will have!

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

Here’s a peak at the scoreboard area from the grooms perspective during the ceremony.

Photograph: Dee and Kris Photography

Briana and Steven kept with their rustic, diy wedding theme by dressing up the scoreboard with lit letters and burlap banners. The heart made out of string lights is a sweet touch and super budget friendly.

Photograph: Chris Howard Photography

A lot of our coupled choose to use wedding decor rental companies to help decorate The Pavilion. Why not opt to bring some of the decorations outside? If you can fit it in to your budget, the L O V E signs are always a hit! Nicole and Jared chose a beautifully rustic love sign from Roots Reclaimed.

Photograph: Kaboo Photography

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Ramona Arnold from Simple Country Weddings, has an amazing collection of vintage and rustic pieces that can add a bit of glamour to your day, including the L O V E sign used above at Michelle and Adam’s wedding and Eliza and Keeane’s day. Both couples used the same sign, but used them to create a unique look for each of their respective wedding days.

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth

Alison and Craig chose a lit up rustic sign that looked amazing both before the sun set and after.  The couple sourced their sign from Tin Roof Farmhouse and couldn’t be happier with that decision. From Alison, ” Our favorite detail was the huge wooden L-O-V-E letters that we rented from Tin Roof Farmhouse.  We went back and forth a lot on whether or not to rent them and then whether or not to have them outside (since there was rain in the forecast) and we were SO happy that we rented them and had them outside because so many people took pictures in front of them (couples, groups of friends, families etc.) and it made me so happy and contributed to our “love” theme!”

Looking for more ideas on how to decorate The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks. Click on the weddings below to see how each of our couples made their day uniquely theirs.

Briana and Steven’s gorgeous DIY day

Nicole and Jared‘s charming baseball lover’s wedding day

Alison and Craig’s Love themed wedding day

Eliza and Keean’s romantic wedding day

Shadelle and JR’s lighthearted day

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Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday,we are paying tribute to moms everywhere. Whether it’s the lady who gave birth to you or your mother in law, sister, aunt, grandma, great grandma, family friend, or even the neighbor lady down the street, we all have that special woman in our lives who we owe so much to. There is something so extraordinary about sharing your wedding day with your “mom”. It is just as much a life milestone for them as it is for you. To all the moms out there…for kissing our boo boos to helping us with our homework, for giving us dating advice to sending us off to college, and for teaching us about love and for watching us say “I do” to our one and only, we thank you!

Photograph: Kaboo Vang Photography

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Photograph: Jessica Roman Photography

Photograph: Kaboo Vang Photography

Photograph: Topher Simon Photography

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

Photograph: Amanda Collins Photography

Photograph: Amanda Collins Photography

Photograph: Andrew and Melanie Photography

Photograph: Colehearted Photography

Photograph: Ari Simphoukan Photography

Photograph: Ari Simphoukan Photography

Host a Brunch Wedding at The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks or Lakeside at Bartley Cavanaugh

View More: by: Dee and Kris Photography

Nothing is better than brunch — except maybe a beautiful wedding. When you think about it, there’s really no reason not to merge two of your favorite things. Picture it with me: a mimosa-filled reception tent, a towering doughnut cake and ALL the bacon you can eat. And of course, there are the hidden perks: Your photographer is going to capture endless well-lit photos, and the vibe of the party can be as casual or formal as you’d like. Oh, did I mention that your morning wedding will be significantly less expensive than an evening affair?


Photograph via J Wiley Photography / Green Wedding Shoes

A brunch wedding is one of the most cost-effective receptions you can have: Our Brunch menu can range in price from $18.95 to $27.95 per head. Your liquor costs will be much lower than an evening affair, in fact we offer unlimited Champagne, perfect for creating a mimosa bar! Not a fan of champagne? How about a Bloody Mary Bar? A wonderful option to keep that alcohol bill low!

View More: by: Dee and Kris Photography / Coffee Bar: Dutch Brother Coffee Granite Bay

A recent bride, Mary, who opted for our brunch wedding option, said it best, “We didn’t originally think of a brunch wedding, we only knew we wanted something simple, relaxed, and fun. We decided on a brunch wedding for a few reasons: it’s so hot in summer that morning was imperative for an outdoor wedding, we wanted to stick to our very conservative budget but still have everyone not have to work too much to make it all happen, and brunch at The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks meant the champagne would keep flowing. Plus, who doesn’t love Sunday brunch??

I know everyone says they enjoyed their wedding, but we really did have a great, sweet time. My husband has said multiple times since then how much he really enjoyed the wedding–I don’t know how many men can honestly say that! Katrina, our coordinator from The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks, was so patient and thorough with me through the planning process, and Rebecca found ways to make special requests happen.”


Photograph & Cake by: Sugar Bits Custom Cakes


Photograph by: Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photos / Cupcakes by: Icing on the Cupcake

Having a brunch wedding allows that most of your guest list can attend. I mean, who doesn’t want breakfast? It can be as fancy or relaxed as you want to make it, the natural light is great for your photographs, and summer mornings in Sacramento are the ideal time temperature wise. Plus, a brunch wedding gives you the excuse to put bacon on everything. Desserts, eggs, in your Bloody Mary — the options are endless.

Are you convinced that a brunch affair is the way to go for your wedding day?

Call Rebecca Kirtlan at 916-870-8597 for more information.

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Add Something Special to Your Thank You Notes

Congratulations! You’re a newlywed! Now that you’re back from the honeymoon and you’ve opened all your gifts the next big thing to do is start writing those wedding thank you cards. Technically you have 2 weeks post-shower and 3 months post-wedding date to get these out.

I recently attended a wedding. A few weeks later, as expected, I received a card in the mail. I fully expected the standard thank you note, but I was surprised to find a super thoughtful addition inside the envelope.

There was a printed photo of me and my husband dancing at the wedding… The handwritten note was written on the opposite side. What a great idea! With photo prints costing less than they ever have, why not skip the custom thank you cards that are bound to end up in the waste bin and opt for a more personalized, special touch?!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite ways to thank your guests…


Photograph by Kaboo Vang of Kaboo Photography

Include a picture of you and the guest(s) from the wedding day. They may not have taken photos themselves and now they’ll have a special memory of the day to hold on to.


Photograph by Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Did you have a photobooth at your wedding? Include a great shot of your guests from their photobooth session.



Photograph by Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photos

Did you take a group shot of all your guests at your wedding?  Shadelle and JR did and it’s one of my favorite pictures from their wedding.


Photograph by Carlos Almanza of Xsight Photography

As did Alyssa and Scott.  So adorable and would make the perfect touch as a liner for your thank you notes.



Photograph by Alisha Cole of Colehearted Photography

Consider using your thank-you notes as an opportunity to show off your first pictures together as husband and wife. Our recent newlyweds Nicole an Mark did just this, by having their photographer snap a photo of  the two holding a “thank you” banner—so be sure to ask if your photographer can’t do the same. If you go this option though, keep in mind how long it will take to get your photos back from your photographer and how long it will take to receive your order and then write those thank you’s.

Which of these amazing wedding thank you card ideas will you use for the big day? Let us know!

Wedding Spotlight: Shadelle and JR

ShadelleJR-476I’m pretty smitten with Shaddelle and Jr’s wedding, it’s everything one wants their wedding to be – fun, romantic and really personal.  All the lovely details from the groom are highlighted beautifully thanks to Tra Huynh’s editorial eye—all the shots below show just how lighthearted and warm the whole day was.


From the Groom: Shadelle and I initially met in middle school, through friends. Over the years, we were just acquaintances until the summer of 2009 when a spontaneous phone call to hang out in Sacramento lead to more.

I proposed on her 28th Birthday. Shadelle likes to call it her “Great 28”. I threw her a surprise birthday party and throughout the entire night, friends and family had suspicions that I was going to propose. I DENIED it all. In the middle of the festivities, I set up the projector screen and played a birthday video that included all of her friends and family wishing Shadelle happy birthday.

As the end of the video draws to a close and fades to black,  I thank everyone for coming out to celebrate her birthday.  Suddenly, you hear a iPhone ringtone playing through the speakers, and as I look around at people being confused, the video pulls back it’s focus on the screen and everyone starts to watch a facetime conversation between me and Shadelle’s Mom. Finally, I popped the question in front of our friends and family.









We dedicated our wedding to Shadelle’s grandparents, whose dying wish was to see her get married before they passed away. They meant the world to her. We took an engagement shoot that replicated a picture of her grandparents’ and used it as one of our guest frames for our guests to sign.
Shadelle made a bouquet charm of her favorite picture of her grandparents as a way to have them be there as she walked down the aisle, and wore her grandmother’s necklace as her “something old”.




Could this bridal party be in cuter? Swooning. I think Tra  did an amazing job showing everyone’s personalities throughout the day.









One of our favorite moments was that we wrote our own vows.ShadelleJR-414



The above picture takes my breath away.




From the groom: The colors of our wedding were an ombre of coral colors with highlights of gold. The style and look was just overall simple. We weren’t too particular with decorations because the venue was beautiful enough to carry our “look” of the wedding we wanted (especially in the evening). We just added some coral uplights to brighten up the tent in the evening.







Shadelle’s mom created the majority of the decorations especially the centerpieces and the gazebo. We couldn’t thank her enough for all the work she has done to make our day beautiful. Shadelle’s sister helped make some of the signs that we displayed.





Since we couldn’t decide on just one flavor, we decided to have his and her cupcakes which were Maple Bacon (HIS) and Banana Nut (HERS) which we ordered from Icing on the Cupcake. I wanted a nice cutting cake so we ordered a spice cake with cream cheese filling decorated with coral buttercream from Cake Castle Bakery. ShadelleJR-881


ShadelleJR-886Seriously, how much fun are these two?




Our grand entrance was another one of our favorite moments of the day. The entrance included us walking out to WWE’s D’Generation X theme song with Tag Team Championship belts followed by a custom lyric rap we created with a help of our close friend and groomsman Gerrold, to Young Money’s – Every Girl. It’s “our” song and we had our own lyrics to it which described our relationship.ShadelleJR-933



One piece of  advice we would give any soon to be newlyweds is to not stress too much about the little details. For us, we liked our wedding details simple, but just enough to be effective. What really mattered to us was the atmosphere, chemistry and the flow of the wedding. Our friends and family are very important to us so we made sure to have time to be able to talk, dance and celebrate with them. Also, many of our married friends told us this piece of advice which is to pause and let the moments soak in for a bit because your day is going to go SUPER fast. We want to wish all future newlyweds the best of love and luck in their marriage. Always remember to cherish, respect and love each other and that you guys are now part of a bigger picture, you guys are a TEAM and compromise will go a long way in wedding planning and in your marriage!

Wishing you all the best, Shadelle + JR!


Photographer: Tra Huynh and Henry Huynh of Two Twenty Photos| Videographer: Narong Mok of Goodqarma| Bridal Bouquet: Amour Florist & Bridal | Centerpieces, Bridesmaids Bouquets & Decorative Flowers: by Mother of Bride: Edith Vela | Hair: Jessica Torcedo  | Makeup: Janel Edrosolan | Stationary: Vistaprint and Etsy| Cake: Castle Cake Bakery | Desserts: Icing on the Cupcake | DJ: DJ Black Olive | Emcee: Jeff Bayani | Photo Booth: JJ and Co | Transportation: Holiday Inn Express| Sound and Lighting: Jason Ente of Expressions Entertainment | Bride’s Dress: Allure Bridal  | Alteration: The Elizabeth Bridal Salon in Lodi, CA| Brides Accessories: Amazon | Brides Shoes: Aldo | Brides Jewelry: Kohls | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal| Groom’s Tuxedo: Indocino – San Francisco | Menswear for Groomsmen: | Favors: |

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