How to Decorate the Scoreboard Area

There’s nothing wrong with leaving our scoreboard area as is on your wedding day.  There are so many interesting, inexpensive, and innovative options, we thought we might give you a few ideas on how to liven up this space.

Photograph: Shoop’s Photography

The most budget-friendly option is to use the scoreboard to exhibit personal photos. A gallery of images of  yourselves, friends, family, travels, and past weddings of your loved ones can activate a space, and make it interactive as your guests mingle and view the photos. In essence, your walls become a conversation starter.

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

Shadelle and JR used a portion of the scoreboard to post some cute, wedding focused signage.  Letters and signs are easily found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or even on Etsy. If you are the DIY type, which Shadelle and JR were, you can easily find some old frames, paint them and have someone with beautiful penmanship paint on a saying. The best thing about this? Not only is it budget friendly, but can be re-purposed at your home in a beautiful gallery wall including pictures from your wedding day!

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

I love how Shadelle and JR incorporated a fun photograph along with their wedding hashtag. This is an easy  way  to communicate to guests your hashtag. This way they will know when posting their pictures of your wedding to social media – typically your friends will have some candid shots no one else will have!

Photograph: Two Twenty Photography

Here’s a peak at the scoreboard area from the grooms perspective during the ceremony.

Photograph: Dee and Kris Photography

Briana and Steven kept with their rustic, diy wedding theme by dressing up the scoreboard with lit letters and burlap banners. The heart made out of string lights is a sweet touch and super budget friendly.

Photograph: Chris Howard Photography

A lot of our coupled choose to use wedding decor rental companies to help decorate The Pavilion. Why not opt to bring some of the decorations outside? If you can fit it in to your budget, the L O V E signs are always a hit! Nicole and Jared chose a beautifully rustic love sign from Roots Reclaimed.

Photograph: Kaboo Photography

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Ramona Arnold from Simple Country Weddings, has an amazing collection of vintage and rustic pieces that can add a bit of glamour to your day, including the L O V E sign used above at Michelle and Adam’s wedding and Eliza and Keeane’s day. Both couples used the same sign, but used them to create a unique look for each of their respective wedding days.

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth

Alison and Craig chose a lit up rustic sign that looked amazing both before the sun set and after.  The couple sourced their sign from Tin Roof Farmhouse and couldn’t be happier with that decision. From Alison, ” Our favorite detail was the huge wooden L-O-V-E letters that we rented from Tin Roof Farmhouse.  We went back and forth a lot on whether or not to rent them and then whether or not to have them outside (since there was rain in the forecast) and we were SO happy that we rented them and had them outside because so many people took pictures in front of them (couples, groups of friends, families etc.) and it made me so happy and contributed to our “love” theme!”

Looking for more ideas on how to decorate The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks. Click on the weddings below to see how each of our couples made their day uniquely theirs.

Briana and Steven’s gorgeous DIY day

Nicole and Jared‘s charming baseball lover’s wedding day

Alison and Craig’s Love themed wedding day

Eliza and Keean’s romantic wedding day

Shadelle and JR’s lighthearted day

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DIY | Cutting More Than Cake….. Easy Ways to Cut Costs

If you’ve ever sat down with our director Rebecca, you know two things right off the bat: she’s right to the point (alright let’s just say it – no bullsh**) and second, if we can find ways to cut the costs for you, we are going to let you know how to do it.

Now of course most of the time that can be as simple as developing a bar set-up that doesn’t have you going bankrupt after the wedding because your friends’ favorite drink just so happens to be Macallan scotch whiskey.  But we are always more than happy to suggest ideas for your wedding that will not only catch your guests’ attention, but keep you from breaking the bank as well!

Forget the flowers

Gone are the days where centerpieces strictly have to be all about flowers.  More and more these days, designers are breaking boundaries with what is placed on guest’s tables at the reception.  And with rustic weddings emerging as this year’s must-have look, it’s no surprise why everything from antiques to classic novels are being used as decor.  The best part?  Most of these items can easily be found at garage sales, thrift shops or maybe even your own home!  Fill your space with classic love novels with your favorite quotes peeking out like the picture below, or mix and match antique silver – since most people don’t really care about silver once it’s rusted, you most likely will be able to get it for a cheap price!

Mason jars

Sure we’ve all seen the pictures on Pinterest or have been to some type of event where the host has utilized them in some way.  But we are taking mason jars one step further.  Instead of simply using the jars in one aspect of your wedding or event, incorporate them throughout your entire event.  Better yet, use the same mason jar for multiple purposes – have a mason jar at each person’s seat at the reception with the guest’s name on the jar.  Not only will it be their glassware for the night, but can serve as their seating card (and if you make them really cute, their party favor!) Check out these other great ideas that will make you (and even your wallet) happy too!

Our favorite part?  1.) You won’t be bummed or out a ton of money when your guests ask to take a centerpiece homeand 2.) Mason jars can be reused.  Use them again as centerpieces in your own home. Have them as extra everyday drinking glasses.  Keep the lids and use them for food storage.  The possibilities are endless.

Who needs cake?

If you’ve ever read any wedding planning book or talked to anyone in the industry, the first thing they usually tell you is the biggest waste of money is the cake.  Now not only is this because half the time couples end up with a TON of leftover cake, that let’s face it, most likely will just be thrown away. But the cake cutting fee is more often than not completely forgotten about when couple’s sit down to make their budget for the reception.  With some places charging up to almost $10 a person nowadays, that’s right folks you heard us correctly..  not only will you be paying a good amount of money to have a half-eaten wedding cake at your reception, but be expected at some places to add a few extra hundred dollars to that price tag for the cake cutting.  Now we are lucky enough at the Pavilion to be pretty lenient when it comes to our cake cutting fee, but why not just forget about that worry all together and get creative with your dessert!  There’s no doubting that cupcakes in the past couple years have become the obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to have fun with this part.  Incorporate the sweets that you LOVE.  Chocoholic?  Make a chocolate bar.  Love camping?  Set out a s’more station.  You’ll have a hard time choosing just one after you see all of these YUMMY ideas!

One of our grooms this last year was the “ultimate candy lover” according to the bride.  She surprised him with a candy bar complete with every type of candy he loves.  You can bet his eyes lit up when he saw that table as he entered the reception area!

Photos courtesy of:

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Inspiration Board │ Transforming a Blank Canvas

Utilizing your venue space in its entirety can sometimes seem like a daunting, or even impossible task.  Although the rule “less is more” holds true in most circumstances, that doesn’t mean you want to neglect a space all together. 

More often than not, the golf score board at Haggin Oaks is not even touched by our couples.  Located to the left of our garden area, where most couples choose to hold their cocktail hour or outdoor reception, this “blank canvas” allows you to tie in your wedding décor for an all-around finished look.  Check out these fun and eye-catching ideas we have found that we are certain will have your guests forgetting they are staring at a score board. 

What you have to work with…

Your inspiration…

Hanging Memories

Hanging pictures at different lengths adds an eye-catching display that your guests will love.  If you are lucky enough to have pictures from past generations, begin with the oldest pictures from the outside and work your way into the center, ending with a modern day picture of you and your fiancé.  The older generations will feel honored for being incorporated in your wedding and you will truly be reminded just how special “your day” will always be to you.

Suggestion – The handrails and planter boxes along the front of the score board are a perfect area to try out this idea.  Not only will the pictures be easy to hang, but you will be able to hang them at eye level so guests will have no problem browsing your photos throughout the evening.  For night receptions, string lights along the top of the rail to light up the pictures in the dark.    

Family Tree


For couples with large families, take the family picture idea one step further.  On the score board itself, create a “family tree” by hanging pictures of the couples in your family.  Have your groom’s side begin on one side, and yours on the other.  Show the connections between each photo and then end with a picture of the two of you in the middle.  Write the names and date below each one.

Suggestion – Make sure to hang a banner over the “Haggin Oaks Golf Complex” sign with your names above the picture of you two.  This will ensure that nothing distracts from your captivating wall decor.

You & Him

For a fun and budget friendly option, string together memories of the two of you throughout the years.  Turn it into a timeline of your time together by writing the date and place below each picture.

Seating chart w/ chalk boards

Make your seating chart a unique piece of art.  As long as you simply want your guests at a specific table, this table seating option is a clever option that will have guests in awe of just how creative you are.  Hang chalk boards (like these heart-shaped ones above) from the score board; the top chalk board should be the largest.  Write the table number (or theme – however you are distinguishing each table) on each of the top chalk boards.  On each of the chalk boards below, write the names of each guest.  To save time and money, put couples (Jason & Traci) or specific families (the Smith Family) on the same chalk board.  Just remember to buy boards large enough that people will be able to read them!

If all else fails – Keep it simple!

Here is an example from a wedding back in July.  Eye catching, unique and adds a great pop of color!  What could be better!?

Tis the Season…To Book Your Holiday Party!

Book your holiday party at Haggin Oaks by August 31, 2012 and mention this post to receive 10% off Food & Beverage!

Whether you’d like to show your co-workers how much they are appreciated or toast in the New Year with friends and family, Haggin Oaks is the premier location for your holiday party this season!  With a variety of locations to hold your celebration, a flexible menu that can accommodate any budget and a rental fee that is hard to beat, Haggin Oaks gives you the opportunity to host an elegant event that will surely impress your friends and family!  With prices starting as low as $300, this is truly a deal you do not want to pass up!

Location, location, location

Whether you’re expecting 25 or 300+ people, Haggin Oaks offers a variety of locations perfect for any size holiday party! All venue rentals include 6-hours of time (event can last til 2am!), white resin chairs, floor length table cloths, napkins in your color choice, and an on-site event coordinator and catering staff manager!  Check out our venue spaces below.


Our most popular option, this beautiful white tent is nestled in between the 17th fairway and 18th green on the championship Allister Mackenzie Golf Course.  With drapery and dimmed wrought iron chandeliers, this space showcases elegance as soon as you walk in.  Make your way through the back doors into the lush garden area where guests can enjoy cocktails under our white gazebo or sit underneath our 145-year old Heritage Oak tree. 


For a more intimate party, Mackenzie’s Bar & Grille is the perfect fit.  Accommodating up to 100 guests, the restaurant offers ambiance and charm for a memorable event.  Whether guests would prefer to gather inside and enjoy the bar, or sit out on our outdoor patio that overlooks the golf course, this space has something for everyone!


Located at our sister golf course off Freeport Blvd, this space showcases amazing views of the 18-hole golf course where guests can gather inside the restaurant area or enjoy their drinks on our draped, outdoor patio area. 

Wine and Dine without Breaking the Bank!

Our holiday menu offers options for any budget.  Looking to host a cocktail party with drinks and appetizers?  No problem!  Prefer a buffet with an open bar?  You got it!  Maybe you’d like an elegant sit-down dinner with a hosted bar?  Did you even have to ask?  Hopefully you are getting the idea by now… we are here to cater to you! 

The Price is Right

Call us today to discuss pricing and options for your upcoming event!  Prices start as low as $300!  With all of the money you are sure to save when you book with us today, just think of what you can do with that left over money – better raffle prizes, hire a DJ, host an open bar – the possibilities are endless! Remember to book your holiday by August 31, 2012 and mention this post to receive 10% off Food & Beverage!

Rebecca Kirtlan

Special Events Sales Director