Host a Brunch Wedding at The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks or Lakeside at Bartley Cavanaugh

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Nothing is better than brunch — except maybe a beautiful wedding. When you think about it, there’s really no reason not to merge two of your favorite things. Picture it with me: a mimosa-filled reception tent, a towering doughnut cake and ALL the bacon you can eat. And of course, there are the hidden perks: Your photographer is going to capture endless well-lit photos, and the vibe of the party can be as casual or formal as you’d like. Oh, did I mention that your morning wedding will be significantly less expensive than an evening affair?


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A brunch wedding is one of the most cost-effective receptions you can have: Our Brunch menu can range in price from $18.95 to $27.95 per head. Your liquor costs will be much lower than an evening affair, in fact we offer unlimited Champagne, perfect for creating a mimosa bar! Not a fan of champagne? How about a Bloody Mary Bar? A wonderful option to keep that alcohol bill low!

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A recent bride, Mary, who opted for our brunch wedding option, said it best, “We didn’t originally think of a brunch wedding, we only knew we wanted something simple, relaxed, and fun. We decided on a brunch wedding for a few reasons: it’s so hot in summer that morning was imperative for an outdoor wedding, we wanted to stick to our very conservative budget but still have everyone not have to work too much to make it all happen, and brunch at The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks meant the champagne would keep flowing. Plus, who doesn’t love Sunday brunch??

I know everyone says they enjoyed their wedding, but we really did have a great, sweet time. My husband has said multiple times since then how much he really enjoyed the wedding–I don’t know how many men can honestly say that! Katrina, our coordinator from The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks, was so patient and thorough with me through the planning process, and Rebecca found ways to make special requests happen.”


Photograph & Cake by: Sugar Bits Custom Cakes


Photograph by: Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photos / Cupcakes by: Icing on the Cupcake

Having a brunch wedding allows that most of your guest list can attend. I mean, who doesn’t want breakfast? It can be as fancy or relaxed as you want to make it, the natural light is great for your photographs, and summer mornings in Sacramento are the ideal time temperature wise. Plus, a brunch wedding gives you the excuse to put bacon on everything. Desserts, eggs, in your Bloody Mary — the options are endless.

Are you convinced that a brunch affair is the way to go for your wedding day?

Call Rebecca Kirtlan at 916-870-8597 for more information.

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Champagne Brunch Wedding


Just combining the words champagne and brunch and you know you are in for a good time.  These days, brunch receptions have become more popular than ever.  And why wouldn’t they?  Not only are you usually saving money on rental costs, but the price for a brunch vs. dinner can be quite a big difference.

At both of our locations, your guests would never be able to guess how much you really are saving just by choosing to do a day wedding.  You still get exactly the same accommodations, same amount of time as you would an evening ceremony, and our Brunch Menu not only is HALF the price of our buffet menu, but also INCLUDES champagne!

Still need more reasons of why you should book a day wedding vs. an evening?  Keep reading…

Short on time for photos?  Forget about it.  197118_1951119263852_1868137_n 529250_3274671265538_1179816343_n

Running out of light for your pictures after the ceremony will not be an issue.  You would be amazed how many brides do not allot enough time for pictures to be taken after the wedding ceremony and are scrambling after the ceremony with their photographers to get in last minute shots before the sun sets.

Your bar tab will be less expensive.rachelle-stephen-011-450x299

So you’ve decided you really want to host the bar for your wedding, but you’re afraid your friends and family are going to drink you into bankruptcy… A daytime wedding is the answer for you.  We guarantee you that people are less likely to drink as much during the day than they would at night.  Now does that mean people are going to be an absolute bore and no one will be drinking and have a good time?  Of course not.  No doubt you and your friends will still be hitting the dance floor after a couple of our unlimited mimosas, but maybe you’ll be saving your favorite aunt from a snap shot of herself passed out behind the DJ’s table.

 You can get creative.


If you really want your wedding to truly stand out in people’s minds, consider all of the fun concepts you can embrace with a daytime wedding.  We’ve all had a piece of cake and eaten it too (well actually more like taken a bite and pushed it to the side), so give your guests a more enjoyable option than a boring piece of cake.  Have a doughnut bar, tea and cookie or espresso and biscotti display instead!  Maybe you’re like us and would choose a Bloody Mary over champagne any day – well your dreams are about to come true when your eyes feast over the Bloody Mary Bar below.  And don’t worry it’s not just limited to food, have a game and activities area for all of your friends and family to enjoy! (At Lakeside our putting green area is just below our patio and the Pavilion has plenty of space for bocce ball or any outdoor games you and your friends love to play.)

Your vendors may be cheaper.

Some companies will actually offer you discounts on daytime weddings, especially if you choose to hold your ceremony and reception on a Sunday.  As you’re researching vendors, ask them what incentives or discounts they offer.  Photo booth rentals, photographers, DJs, rental companies… you’ll be surprised just how much you can really save!