Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!  Whether your “dad” is your birth father, step dad, adopted dad, big brother, little brother, grandpa, uncle, or just a super awesome family friend who took you under his wing, today we salute him.  From all those times he played with you as a kid, or when he wiped your tears or taught you something new, to the times he tried to put the fear of God into anyone you brought home (at least my dad tried to do this) to that final walk down the aisle to give you away, he’s been the absolute best.  Thanks for everything, dad.  Happy Father’s Day to you!

Photograph: Lyndsay Undseth Photography

Photograph: Anna Perevertaylo Photography

Photograph: Jessica Roman Photography

Photograph: Amanda Collins Photography

Photograph: Kaboo Vang Photography

Photograph: Kaboo Vang Photography

Photograph: Chris Howard Imagery

Photograph: Topher Simon Photography

Photograph: Shoop Photography

Photograph: Andrew and Melanie Photography

Comment below and tell me a little bit about the father figure in your life.  How will you honor him on your wedding day?

Don’t think I forgot about the moms.  Revisit my Mother’s Day tribute!

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Pantone’s 2017 Color of Year is Perfect for a Golf Course Wedding

Are you as in love with the Pantone Color of the Year as I am? Greenery is a shade that reminds me of spring – it’s fresh, organic, vibrant, and revitalizing, and it’s the perfect color for a golf course wedding. Pantone describe it as “symbolic of new beginnings” and what is more of a new beginning than a wedding? Alla and Viktor’s wedding incorporates this color beautifully and shows how sometimes simple is better. Thank you to Anna Perevertaylo for the gorgeous photographs!



6566If you’re a bride on a budget, all-greenery bouquets will always be much more affordable than fresh flowers. Plus, they look gorgeous when paired with a white wedding gown! It’s a win, win if you ask me.


The “zesty yellow-green” shade can be used in a wide variety of wedding details, including but not limited to bouquets, table runners, bridesmaid dresses, and boutonnieres..

7174Decorate the Pavilion tent with garlands of greenery like Alla and Viktor for a romantic look.75767778

798081I had to include photos of the food, it look’s too delicious, not too! 82

Even winter brides can get on board the greenery train with a pretty, rustic cake like this. Thanks to Julies Sweet Delights  for the gorgeous wedding cake.










I absolutely ADORE this set up for a photobooth. It’s a perfect use of the space after the ceremony.



Wouldn’t you agree? Will you be incorporating Greenery nto your wedding? Pantone’s Greenery really is a perfect choice for a golf course wedding!  Comment below!  Check out our Pinterest board for even more inspiration!

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Alla and Viktor!


Photographer: Anna Perevertaylo | Cake: Julies Sweet Delights |

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