Vendor Spotlight: Kaboo Vang of Kaboo Photography


Choosing a photographer to capture your wedding day and the events leading up to it can be a challenge. The perfect fit includes the right mix of talent, personality, and the artistic style that best expresses who you are as a couple. Allow me to introduce you to a talented photographer who has PLENTY of style and personality. Here is what Kaboo Vang of Kaboo Photography has to say about wedding photography.



What led you to wedding photography?
I always did enjoy being the +1 to my friend’s weddings. I enjoyed the energy and just the meaning to the whole wedding day. That, for your whole life you wait to meet someone and then invite your closest friends and family to witness your forever love.
After 5 years of portrait and fine art photography, a friend approached me to do her City Hall wedding. This was going to be the first time I was going to be behind the camera and not the crazy guest in the pictures. Yes, I was nervous, but I was eager also and ready.
The day came and it was chaotic, didn’t go as planned, but in the end the bride and groom had a great time and I got to witness the love from beginning to end. The most rewarding part was when they saw the images, they were so happy and thankful for capturing their special day. And that was all it took for me to start with wedding photography. The smile and warm words from my clients at the end of the day, just confirms that I did my job right, because I truly believe that in the end, all you have are the memories and the pictures.



How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a photographer for about 10 years.


What do you love most about being a photographer in the Sacramento area?
What I love most about being a photographer in Sacramento are the beautiful venues and natural backdrops. We are so central to the vineyards, ocean, mountains, and many more. I am able to continue to create a variety of images, because there are so many beautiful options. It really is a photographer’s dream.




What do you love most about photographing weddings?
I love photographing all the beauty that is happening in a wedding. Honestly, I am constantly smiling being the camera because it is enchanting.


If you only had 3 words to describe photography style/aesthetic what would they be?
Capturing loving memories


If you could tell a soon-to-be bride and groom one thing about photography on their wedding day, what would it be?
Smile and just have a good time. We will take care of capturing the memories for you.


Any favorite wedding trends happening right now?
I always like to recommend photo booths for weddings. Guests love photo booths and have a great time with them. You also get to go home with all the funny electronic and copy images.

Do you have a travel policy?
Travel fee is dependent on the location of the venue and how many locations I need to travel. Typically, a travel fee is required anything out of Sacramento.





What makes your photography unique?
There are so many styles of photography, but I try to get to know my clients, therefore my clients will be comfortable with me. And when we are all comfortable, I can capture the true feelings of my and assist in the flow of the day. My job is not to just pick up a camera that day and click away, I have to capture all the effort that it took to make that day happen. Like the little heart shaped fabric that was taken from the mother of the bride’s wedding gown and sewn onto a bride’s under skirt. The homemade jam and label that the bride made for all the guests. The little trinket that the bride had attached to her bouquet, that belonged to her grandmother that had passed. I believe in not just the day, but the details.



Do you believe in the “first look” concept and why would you recommend to a bride and groom?
In the beginning of the day, it is really slow, but once the ceremony starts, the day flashes right by. I believe in the first look because it is such a precious time that allows the bride and groom to truly take in the moment, just with each other.


Now go check out Kaboo’s work at Kaboo Photography & lose yourself in her gorgeous Sacramento area weddings.

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