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Nothing sets the tone for a rustic wedding quite like a few antique props. Ramona Arnold of Simple Country Weddings specializes in bringing all of the rustic and elegant goodness to your special day. Whether you’re looking for velvet tufted settees, chalkboard signage or even sequins for an added feminine touch, Simple Country Weddings has it all. Old becomes new and antique becomes chic with their carefully curated collection that allows you to fill your event with decor large and small. Not just for the rustic bride, this small rental company also has items that will make any elegant, glamorous wedding perfectly styled.

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Tell me a little bit about your business and yourself!

I am a wedding & events planner located in Rancho Cordova and service the NorCal area. From Sacramento to Tahoe, or to the bay area. We travel wherever we are needed. I also own a vintage décor rentals boutique. I offer elegant rustic pieces as well as the latest styles of décor.

I offer event planning and coordinating services, including Day of Coordination, Full event planning, Design only packages and day of styling. We really are able to work within all budgets to ensure the couple will have a stress-free day.

I have always thrown my own personal events/parties. It wasn’t until after my own wedding that I really started planning events for others. I felt I could be useful in helping others stay within a budget while keeping their vision.

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What is the creative process like?  How do you work with couples to bring their vision to life?

A wedding day should reflect the couple’s personality. We will typically meet in person, review pinterest boards, and then offer creative ways to decorate and personalize their wedding to truly make it theirs.

Do you currently have any favorite wedding trends?

I love blush, champagnes, gold and fresh greenery. An Urban Chic with elegant vibes. Mixing touches of vintage décor with over the top elegant pieces. I love the fresh garland as well as the open, airy floral centerpieces. I adore the fresh green hanging floral centerpieces, adorned with soft florals. I don’t think I will ever tire of the mismatched mercury pieces mixed with vintage wood.


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Photo by Angelee Arceo


Photo by Angelee Arceo

Are there any trends you never want to see again?

I really do not like the fabric hanging from the tree branch as the ceremony backdrop. Unless you have the perfect space, with the perfect tree and the perfect climate, the fabric tends to blow in the wind and looks awful in images. Its too hard to control the outcome of this look.

Any advice for a bride and groom currently in the midst of planning a wedding?

Set a budget and stick to it. PLEASE do not go into a new marriage with a huge debt over your head. Choose the things that are important to you and let the rest go. Your family and friends are here to celebrate your special day with you. You do not have to compete with others. Your wedding should reflect your love for each other. It should be a day filled with fun and excitement.

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What makes your work unique?  Why should brides and grooms hire you?

I think when you walk into my office you get the feeling that you are home. My two boston terriers stand guard at the entrance waiting to greet each client as they come in. If I don’t charm you, they will for sure!!! I am down to earth, very relaxed, and I feel that I send out welcoming vibes. I am very upfront, and allow you to be very open and honest with the goal that you are wanting to achieve. I am extremely budget conscious, and every aspect of our design, whether rustic or glam, has a feel of elegance and romance to it. Don’t be fooled… Just because my business name has the word COUNTRY in it, does not mean we are not capable of designing an elegant, over the top affair. Country to me, is a feeling rather than a look. Its LOVE. Its FAMILY. Its WELCOME. We love the opportunity to welcome your guests to the wedding you have dreamed about.

What does a typical day at the office look like?

Dogs snoring while I answer emails, Dogs playing ball with my clients while we choose rental items, and lots of music and laughter. We are pretty relaxed while we work. And the dogs sure keep things interesting for us around the office.

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We get a lot of brides that want that rustic, romantic look for their wedding day, do you have any advice or ideas for them on how to incorporate that look into the overall feel for the day?

I would make sure to incorporate the different elements into their look. Weathered wood with new wood. Mismatched décor with different textures can be very welcoming and fun. Leather chairs mixed with fun sequin pillows, candleholders in all different materials, chunky and slim in different colors. Some new some old. And lots of florals.

Thank you so much, Ramona for letting us behind the curtain at Simple Country Weddings.

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