From the bride: We wanted to have a romantic, classic and fun wedding. A day that would represent both of our styles and our unique relationship while still being timeless. We were able to achieve that thanks to our wonderful vendors. Our colors of blush pink and gold went perfectly with the natural beauty of the venue.

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Haggin Oaks Wedding_0019

The cutest ring security ever!
Haggin Oaks Wedding_0020From the Groom: We met early in high school and started dating shortly after meeting each other in class. Although we chose to attend different colleges, we worked through the challenges of being apart and realized that our life was meant to be together. During our junior year of college, Eliza was supposed to be going on a lunch date with one of her eventual bridesmaids. Instead, I had her bridesmaid send her on a scavenger hunt across different memories in our relationship. The last clue ended with her finding me in a park, where I played “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on the ukulele, which ended up being our first dance song, before proposing.Haggin Oaks Wedding_0021

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Haggin Oaks Wedding_0028From the bride: The flowers were one of my favorite details for that day. Our bouquets and boutonnieres, the centerpieces and other floral pieces were the perfect way to personalize the venue and transform it into that romantic feel. Thank you Natural Flair Designs!Haggin Oaks Wedding_0029

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From the groom: I think we both had pretty high expectations for our vision of our wedding day, but wanted to stay within our budget. The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks gave us the flexibility to make our entire vision a reality, not just having one or two parts of it like at other venues. Not only that, but the venue itself has natural beauty. Since we wanted a summer, evening wedding, we felt the need to be outside under the lights. The wonderful turfed area gave us that feel and it was already part of the venue. It was a blank canvas that we could mold into the perfect site for our wedding day. It was everything we could have asked for.

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From the bride: We spent a lot of time searching for a venue; we both were picky and needed to find something that was perfect. When we came across The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks I loved it before we even had a chance to visit it. At the time Keean and I were still in a long distance relationship, so I sent him to visit the site and hoped he liked it in person just as much as I did from photos.  He did! This venue had natural beauty, a variety of options so you can personalize your day and a great staff that we were able to work with.Haggin Oaks Wedding_0051

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From the Bride: We incorporated a handful of traditions into out wedding. Our something old was a small ring my dad gave me when he and my mom got married. I was only seven years old so now the ring barely fits on my pinky, I tied it onto my bouquet so I had it with me the whole day. Something New: A beautiful pearl necklace my grandmother gave me specifically for the special day. Something borrowed and blue: A blue aquamarine ring my grandmother has had for many years, she let me use it as my something borrowed and something blue for the day.

1001 Cranes: A tradition passed down in Hawaiian cultures that acts as a test for the new couple to work through the trial of creating 1001 cranes for peace and harmony in their relationship, which became part of our head table backdrop.Haggin Oaks Wedding_0059
Haggin Oaks Wedding_0060From the groom: Our head table may have been the best detail of the day. We had a vision for what it would look like and it came out even better than we had anticipated with the rentals we got from Simple Country Weddings and our 1001 cranes.Haggin Oaks Wedding_0061

Haggin Oaks Wedding_0062

Haggin Oaks Wedding_0063From the groom: Our wedding day had so many amazing memories that I will remember forever. The moment that brings out the strongest emotions would be at the start of our reception. I think entering the reception as the new “Mr. and Mrs.” finally let the emotions of everything my wife and I have worked at in our relationship come to fruition. The excitement of the moment overwhelmed me in our entrance proving that everything was real. It was truly a wonderful feeling.Haggin Oaks Wedding_0064

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Haggin Oaks Wedding_0068From the bride: I have so many favorite memories from that day, but one of them would have to be our first dance. During the dance it was like no one else was there with us and for those few minutes Keean and I were able to soak in every bit of love we had for each other with no distractions. It was a perfect way for us to appreciate all the time we put into planning that day and reflect on our journey of being together.Haggin Oaks Wedding_0069

Music Choices –

Processional : Groom – Lovelier than you by B.o.B, Bride – I was made for loving you by Tori Kelly ft Ed Sheeran

Recessional: On top of the world by Imagine Dragons

First Dance: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart

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Would you have any advice for those that are planning a wedding?

From the groom: First off, when planning a wedding you should never lose sight of the excitement and joy that you will be preparing for. Even though it gets stressful, you should never lose sight that you are planning a wonderful day that will be a memory for the rest of your life. It is a happy day, never a stressful one.

From the bride: Secondly, when your day comes, remember that no matter what happens don’t let it get to you. You have worked so hard to make that day perfect; don’t spend it being stressed or angry. The most important part of that day is being happy, finding joy no matter what happens and celebrating you and your partner.


Congratulations and Best Wishes, Eliza and Keean!


Photographer: Lyndsay Undseth, Lyndsay Undseth Photography| Flowers: Natural Flair Custom Floral Designs | Styling: Simple Country Weddings | Cake: Above and Beyond Cakes |  Bride’s Dress: The White Flower Boutique San Diego| Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal| Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Groomsmen: Macy’s | Makeup: Makeup by Marisa | DJ: Brian  –  Music and More Entertainment | Photobooth: Get Dapper

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