Wedding Trend: Lawn Games

Happy Summer Solstice, you guys! We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate this day than with a blog post featuring lawn games for your wedding.

This is a wedding trend we’re loving- perfect  for sunny, warm-weather, outdoor Northern California weddings. Wedding Games are a great icebreaker to get guests together, and let them have some fun during cocktail hour and the reception. Here we share our favorite summertime lawn games.

Croquet is an American favorite As a wedding yard game, croquet can keep any age group entertained for hours. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you do need a designated area for it, as the wickets in the game can easily trip guests up during the reception when not clearly marked.


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Bocce Ball

As a part of your lawn or indoor wedding games you can have a limbo pole. With a bit of festive music in the background and some friends that will be more than happy to bend over backwards, you cannot go wrong with this party favourite.


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If you are having a summer time wedding badminton will be perfect for your wedding games. Opt for the ‘old school’ look of things and give the ‘net’ a vintage feel. Badminton is sure to attract some players and it might be the perfect icebreaker for sport lovers.


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There’s something about horseshoes at a wedding that always make me smile. Horseshoes are considered a lucky gift to give the bride and groom, supposedly providing both luck and fertility to the happy couple as they enter their marriage. When you incorporate horseshoes into your wedding lawn games of choice, it can be seen as a nod to both good luck and good fun for all ages!


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Arguably the most popular yard game seen at weddings this year, cornhole is certainly an entertaining pastime for guests of all ages. It’s so popular that  many companies on etsy have built a business on creating custom wedding cornhole games especially for your celebration. There’s  a wide variety of unique options. Designs can be as simple as monograms or as elaborate as full images of you and your sweetie.


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The best part of having lawn games? You’ll be able to break them out every summer for years to come, remembering your special day.

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