It’s not too late to take advantage of our Spring Special!  Book your wedding today for only $500 for the months of March, April or May, or for $1,000 for the month of June.  Limited dates are still available and the pricing has been extended to both of our locations, the Pavilion at Haggin Oaks and Lakeside at Bartley Cavanaugh.  With a potential savings of over $2,200, it’s hard to believe how anyone could pass up such a deal!

And to put it in an even broader perspective we’ve decided to give you just a few ideas of what that $2,000+ savings could really get you!


Use that money to pay for the flight to your honeymoon destination!  With flights averaging $500/roundtrip to places like Hawaii, Mexico, or even the Bahamas..your savings will not only get you there and back from your destination (first class anyone!?), but you’ll most likely still have money left over that you can use towards upgrading your room or pampering yourselves while you’re relaxing in paradise.



Maybe you had your heart set on a designer gown, but couldn’t find extra money in your budget to actually buy it?  Well with an extra $2,000+ in your pocket, those dreams could become a reality.

House Down Paymentwhite-house-green-shutters-2[1]

Okay yeah it might sound really boring and practical, but adding $2,000 towards a down payment of your future home can actually be a big deal.  The money would be going towards building a future together, and unlike your wedding day, you’ll have the house for years to come.


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  1. Is the $500 special still available for weddings taking place in April? I remember driving by the Haggin Oaks golf complex not too long ago while on business 80 and seeing the sign about the $500 deal, but the date on this blog post is from 2013 so I was just wondering if this deal is still available.

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